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Edgley Park, Aysgarth, Yorkshire

Full Address: Edgley Park, Aysgarth, Yorkshire , Aysgarth

Project: Yorkshire Mapping Project

Contributor: Rhiannon Parker-Nicholls

Edgley Park, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
Caption: Edgley northern view of house front [View image full screen]

Edgley Park, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
Caption: Edgley west side of house [View image full screen]

Edgley Park, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
Caption: Living room where portrait of elizabeth and her father is believed to have been painted [View image full screen]

Edgley Park, Aysgarth, Yorkshire
Caption: Portrait of mr and mrs matthew robinson in living room of edgley from emily j climesons elizabeth montagu queen of the blue stockings her correspondence [View image full screen]

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Edgley Park, then known as the Edgley estate (or Edgeley) is a substantial farmhouse, dating back to at least the 17th century. Originally, the house consisted of two storeys, but was later developed into three storeys. However, due to the increase in people’s height, the house was converted back to two storeys during the 19th or 20th century to provide higher ceilings. The house is unusual as it was built into the hillside, and the windows to the front of the property are raised to enable sufficient light to enter.

To the east of the main house is a walled garden and the remains of the outdoor lavatory along with a separate building adjacent, known as the ‘waiting room’, believed to date back to the 18th century. The house also possessed a well behind the kitchens, however, this was filled in during the 20th century.

Matthew Robinson and his wife, Elizabeth Drake, moved to Edgley shortly after their marriage. [Dr. Doran, A lady of the last century (Mrs. Elizabeth Montagu) pp.1-2.] A double portrait of Mr and Mrs Robinson in front of the fireplace in Edgley was captured by Gawen Hamilton.

Elizabeth Montagu spent time during the summer months as a child at Edgley, although, it is believed she preferred her time in London to Yorkshire,[A Lady of the last century, p. 18.] writing to the Duchess of Portland in 1734;

‘One common objection to the country is, one sees no faces but those of one’s own family; but my papa thinks he has found a remedy for that, by teaching me to draw’.[Letter to Margaret Cavendish Bentinck, Duchess of Portland, 3 November 1734]

Behind the house runs Bishopdale Beck, which, up to the twentieth century, provided an ample supply of salmon, which travelled downstream from Aysgarth Falls, 2 miles northwest. According to Elizabeth, her father frequented fishing as well as shooting during their stays at Edgley.[Emily Climeson, Elizabeth Montagu, the Queen of the Bluestockings: Her Correspondence from 1720 to 1761 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1906), p. 126.]

It is unknown exactly when, but Matthew sold Edgley to William Atkinson.[North Yorkshire County Records Office, provided by Jane Richie.] In 1775, Edgley was sold to Ralph Robinson of Redmire, a distant relative of Montagu’s Robinson line, and remained in the Robinson family until the 20th century, when it was sold to the residing tenant, A. Lambert.

The following people from Elizabeth Montagu's circle are connected with this place:

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