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Littleburn Bridge, Westfield Lane

Full Address: Littleburn Bridge, Westfield Lane , , Thoralby , Yorkshire , England , Europe

Project: Yorkshire Mapping Project

Contributor: Rhiannon Parker-Nicholls

Littleburn Bridge, Westfield Lane
Caption: Littleburn bridge from the direction of thoralby [View image full screen]

Littleburn Bridge, Westfield Lane
Caption: Latin inscription on littleburn bridge [View image full screen]

Littleburn Bridge, Westfield Lane
Caption: Downstream view from littleburn bridge [View image full screen]

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Following Westfield Lane, just before you reach Littleburn from the direction village of Thoralby is Littleburn Bridge. The bridge was built in 1814, for the 3rd Lord Rokeby, Morris Robinson, the nephew of Elizabeth Montagu.

Constructed of rubble, the bridge is formed of a single, segmental arch with an ashlar parapet. The bridge is supported with square, ashlar pedestals with panelled sides and pyramidal tops. On the inside of the downstream parapet is a stone inscription ‘AD 1814’ and on the inside of the upstream parapet, an ashlar sandstone plaque boasting a Latin inscription, beginning with ‘Sola in Deo Salus,’ the Robinson’s family motto, ‘Salvation in God alone.’

Sola in Deo Salus
Pons Egerianus incolarum viciniorum sumptu, flumini prave parvo parumper periculosissimo super adstructus paci saluti sub Deo Wellingtonio sacer.
Accipe dux belli, quem pax petit, arbiter audax
Pontigerus fluctus exilientis aquae
Fontigenas fluctus capiat mare divitis undae
Inque triumphali splendeat arcus ovans.

Salvation in God alone
The Egerian bridge, built at the expense of the neighbouring inhabitants, over the stream that may appear small but quickly becomes very dangerous, is dedicated to Wellington who, under God’s protection, has brought about the security of peace.
Accept this, commander in war, and bold arbiter sought by peace,
The stream of leaping water that bears this bridge;
May the stream, born from a spring, reach the sea with its rich waters;
Speak, let the rainbow shine, rejoicing in triumph.

The bridge was granted Grade II listed status by Historic England on 6 April 1988.

The following people from Elizabeth Montagu's circle are connected with this place:

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