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Scorton, Yorkshire

Full Address: Scorton, Yorkshire , Scorton , Yorkshire , England , Europe

Project: Yorkshire Mapping Project

Contributor: Joanna Barker

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Scorton Grammar School was established in 1720 as a result of a substantial legacy from Leonard Robinson, a local lawyer. Further details have not been identified, but it seems likely he was a member of Elizabeth Montagu’s father’s family. Her three youngest brothers – John, William and Charles – attended the school until 1742, when Edward Montagu persuaded their father Matthew Robinson to put William and John into the more prestigious Westminster School in London in January 1743, while Charles (aged eleven) was sent into the Navy with his older brother Robert (Montagu, II, ,201, 226; Climenson, I, 129-130, 136, 139-140).

Elizabeth Montagu was grateful to her husband for permitting the boys, whom she had not seen for five years, to visit her at nearby Allerthorpe Hall (Climenson, I, 121; British Library [BL] ADD 40663, ff. 129-132). On a visit thirty years later, she reported that several of her tenants ‘enquired after ye young Gentlemen who came from Scorton to Allerthorpe, I assured them Mr William Robinson was a profound Divine, & Mr Charles a sage Counsellor at Law. They rejoyced that Master Willy was happy in a good & rich Wife, & had three fine Bairns’ (BL ADD 40663, ff. 50-54).

Scorton Grammar School continued in operation until 1991: its headmaster from 1949-1958 was C F Hale, father of Lady Hale, the first female president of the UK’s Supreme Court. It was then sold for redevelopment; the main building was converted into flats and an estate of 85 houses built in the grounds.

The following people from Elizabeth Montagu's circle are connected with this place:

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