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Anne Ryder

(b. 1710, Streatham Park, Streatham, Surrey – d. May 9, 1774, England )

Gender: F

Anne Ryder, née Newnham, socialite, was most likely born at Streatham Park, Streatham, at the home of her father Nathaniel Newnham (1672-1760), a west India merchant. She married (November 1733) Sir Dudley Ryder (1691-1756) and became Lady Ryder, living at the Ryder estate, also in Streatham. Her acquaintance with Elizabeth Montagu is brief, taking place solely in the 1740s, when Anne and Sir Dudley Ryder appear as local notables at Tunbridge Wells, where they, like Montagu, are taking the waters. She died on the 9th of May 1774.

Also known as:

  • Anne Ryder (née  Newnham)

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