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Amelia Sophia, Princess of Hanover

(b. June 10, 1711, Herrenhausen Palace, Herrenhausen, Hanover – d. Oct. 31, 1786, 15-16 Cavendish Square, Marylebone, London )

Gender: F

Princess Amelia Sophia of Hanover (1711-1786) was the second daughter of King George III and Caroline of Ansbach. She and her sister Caroline were inoculated against smallpox on the advice of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, a friend of her mother. She was close to her father and lived with him until his death. She was involved in the Hanover family feuds, and an opponent of her sister-in-law, Augusta, Princess of Wales. She enjoyed riding and hunting, and was reluctant to wear court dress or engage in traditional feminine pursuits. She never married and died at the age of 75, and is buried in Westminster Abbey.

Also known as:

  • Princess of Hanover
  • Amelia Sophia

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