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William Robinson, 2nd Baronet Robinson

(b. 1704, Merton, London – d. Sept. 18, 1785, Bath, Somerset, England )

Gender: M

Sir William Robinson, 2nd Baronet Robinson (1704 – 1785) was the second of the seven sons of William Robinson of Rokeby Park in Yorkshire, and brother of Rt. Revd. Richard Robinson, Archbishop of Armagh. He inherited the Robinson baronetcy from his elder brother, Sir Thomas Robinson (1703-1777), but since he never married, it passed on his death to Richard as his only surviving brother.

He had no profession and appears to have been a charming nonentity. He spent much of his life travelling around England with Richard Robinson: they were both valetudinarians, and favoured the spas of Bath and Bristol Hot Wells. They also made frequent visits to Elizabeth Montagu at Sandleford.

Also known as:

  • William Robinson
  • 2nd Baronet Robinson

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