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Catherine Bartlett West

(b. 1710, England – d. 1757, West Wickham, Croydon, London )

Gender: F

Catherine West, née Bartlett, correspondent, was the wife of the theologian and critic Gilbert West (1703-1756), they married (1729) and lived at West Wickham in Kent. Her brief correspondence with Montagu consists of 6 letters to her, between 1751 and 1753, discussing mutual friends such as Lord Lyttelton (1709-1773 , as well as Gilbert West's connections in the book trade, such as Robert Dodsley (1704-1764). Only one letter survives by Montagu addressed to Catherine West, in 1751, as shared addressee with her husband. West died in 1757, presumably at her home in West Wickham.

Also known as:

  • Catherine West (née  Bartlett)
  • Kitty West

Mentioned in 8 letters

Recipient of 2 letters

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