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Gilbert West

(b. 1703, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England – d. March 26, 1756, Royal Hospital, Chelsea )

Gender: M

Gilbert West (1703-1756) was the son of Richard West and nephew of Viscount Cobham, proprietor of Stowe. He tried to make a career in the army and then in politics, but without success. He derived a modest income from his post as Treasurer of Chelsea Hospital, and became clerk to the Privy Council in 1752. West was a cousin of George Lord Lyttelton, and as young men they together wrote a dialogue that was intended to disprove Christianity but ended up convincing them both of its truth. In 1747 West published this essay as Observations on the history and evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, for which he was awarded an LL.D. by the University of Oxford.

Also known as:

  • Gilbert West


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