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Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick

(b. Oct. 9, 1735, Wolfenbuttel Castle, Wolfenbuttel, Lower Saxony, Germany – d. Nov. 10, 1806, Ottensen, Hamburg, Germany )

Gender: M

Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick (1735-1806), was a field marshal in the Prussian army. After the French revolutionary government declared war on Austria in 1792, Brunswick was put in command of a joint Austrian and Prussian army, and issued a proclamation threatening the French population with exemplary retribution if they harmed King Louis XVI and his family. This only inflamed the Parisian mob, and helped to precipitate the September massacres. Brunswick advanced into France, but was forced to retreat after the Battle of Valmy on 20th September 1792. The French Convention abolished the monarchy two days later.

Also known as:

  • Duke of Brunswick
  • Charles William Ferdinand

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