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Charles Fielding

(b. July 2, 1738, Ireland – d. Jan. 11, 1783, Gibraltar )

Gender: M

Charles Fielding (1738-1783) was the son of Charles Feilding [sic], a colonel in the Guards and Equerry to King George II. He joined the navy and was promoted to Post-Captain in 1760, during the Seven Years’ War. In July 1774, he was in command of HMS Kent when eleven men died in an explosion on board the ship. In 1782 he became captain of HMS Ganges, and accompanied Admiral Howe to Gibraltar, where he suffered a wound that became gangrenous, causing his death on 11 January 1783. Fielding married Sophia Finch, the daughter of Lady Charlotte Finch (née Fermor) and brother of the Earl of Winchilsea. They had three daughters and a son.

Also known as:

  • Charles Feilding
  • Charles Fielding
  • Captain Charles Fielding

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