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Augustus Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton

(b. Sept. 28, 1735, Euston Hall, Euston, Suffolk – d. March 14, 1811, Euston Hall, Euston, Suffolk )

Gender: M

Augustus Henry FitzRoy, 3rd Duke of Grafton (1735-1811) became MP for Boroughbridge in 1756 and for Bury St Edmunds shortly afterwards; he entered the House of Lords on the death of his grandfather. He was a supporter of the Duke of Newcastle against Lord Bute. In 1766 he was appointed Northern Secretary in Lord Rockingham’s first administration, but resigned the following year. He was Prime Minister from 1768-1770. Grafton had a public affair with a courtesan, which led to social disapproval. His wife, Anne Liddell, had an affair with the Earl of Upper Ossory, and when she bore him a child, the Duke obtained a divorce by Act of Parliament in March 1769, and three months later married Elizabeth Wrottesley (1745-1822) daughter of the Dean of Worcester.

Also known as:

  • Augustus Henry Fitzroy
  • Duke of Grafton

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