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George Keate

(b. Nov. 30, 1729, Isleworth, Hounslow, London – d. June 28, 1797, 10 Charlotte Street, London )

Gender: M

George Keate (c1729-1797) was the son of George Keate of Isleworth, Middlesex and Rachel Kawolski, daughter of Count Christian Kawolski. In 1769 he married Jane Hudson, and they had one daughter. Keate studied law and was called to the bar but never practised, and spent his life as a dilettante poet, naturalist, antiquary, and artist. He was member of the Society of Artists and the Royal Academy, and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and the Royal Society. He published numerous works, including in 1779 Sketches from Nature, taken and coloured, in a Journey to Margate.

Also known as:

  • George Keate

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