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Newton Ogle

(b. 1726, Kirkley Hall, Northumberland – d. 1804, Durham, County Durham, England )

Gender: M

Newton Ogle (1726-1804) was the son of Nathaniel Ogle and Elizabeth Newton. He was Dean of Winchester from 1769-1804. In 1757 he married Susanna Thomas, daughter of John Thomas, Bishop of Winchester. Susanna was Hester Chapone’s cousin: her father Thomas Mulso married John Thomas’s sister Anne, while John Thomas married Thomas Mulso’s sister Susan.In his 1775 SPCK sermon the very Reverend Newton Ogle uses the expression ‘moral taste’, a phrase which Emma Major s is reminiscent of ‘the union of religion and politeness so praised in Montagu’s and Vesey’s conversaziones’, see Madam Britannia: Women, Church, and Nation 1712-1812 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012), pp. 171-2.

Also known as:

  • Newton Ogle


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