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Sarah Robinson Hougham

(b. 1759, Maxton, Dover, Kent – d. Jan. 17, 1839, Canterbury, Kent )

Gender: F

Sarah Robinson was the only child of Charles Robinson and Mary Greenland Dawkes. Her paternity was not revealed until 1776, when it was disclosed that her parents had married secretly. On 15th August 1780, she married William Hougham (1752-1828). They lived in Winchester and later at Barton Court in Canterbury, a property first purchased in 1657 by her husband’s ancestor Sir Solomon Hougham, a goldsmith. Sarah Hougham spent the last eleven years of her life as a wealthy widow, having inherited the estates of her father and her husband. The children of Honora and Mary Dawkes, her mother’s children from her first marriage, benefited handsomely from her will. She died in Canterbury at the age of eighty.

Also known as:

  • Sarah Hougham (née  Robinson)

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