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Digital Discovery

One of the many advantages of a digital edition is the opportunity to apply research tools to the underlying information, and to add visualisation to the words contained in the letters.

Elizabeth Montagu Yorkshire Places Mapping Project

We have begun this with a project that maps places in Yorkshire that are associated with the Montagu and Robinson families. This combines an interactive map with photographs taken by our own researchers, Rhiannon Parker-Nicholls and Joanna Barker, and links them with the relevant letters and entries in our biographical database. The customised software developed for this project by Alexander Roberts, our Technical Consultant, provides a platform for similar geographical analysis in future.

View the Elizabeth Montagu Yorkshire Places Mapping Project

A different form of analysis is the development of relationships over time. Our technical colleagues at Swansea University have created a software tool that visualises the connections between Elizabeth Montagu, Isabelle de Charrière (otherwise known as Belle van Zuylen) and their correspondents.

View the Elizabeth Montagu and Isabelle de Charrière Connections Visualization

Further digital research projects based on the digital edition will follow.

Please note that all dates and location information are provisional, initially taken from the library and archive catalogues. As our section editors continue to work through the material we will update our database and the changes will be reflected across the edition.

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