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Eva Maria Garrick

(b. June 22, 1749, Vienna, Austria – d. Oct. 16, 1822, Adelphi Terrace, The Strand, London )

Gender: F

Eva Maria Veigel (1724-1822) was born in Vienna and achieved fame in her youth as a dancer. She emigrated to London in 1746 and in 1749 married David Garrick, who was already renowned as an actor and theatre manager. She retired from dancing on her marriage, which was very happy, and they lived in the villa Garrick had purchased on the River Thames at Hampton. She became a close friend of Hannah More, who was a protegée of her husband’s, and they continued their friendship during her 43 years as a widow, following Garrick’s death in 1779. She died at the age of 98.

Also known as:

  • Eva Maria Garrick (née  Viegel)


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