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Benjamin Stillingfleet

(b. 1702, The Old Rectory, Rectory Road, Wood Norton, Norfolk – d. Dec. 15, 1771, Piccadilly, London )

Gender: M

Benjamin Stillingfleet (1702-1771) was the grandson of Bishop Stillingfleet. He was tutor to his relative William Windham, and accompanied him on his Grand Tour, during which they made explorations in the Swiss glaciers. He was also noted as a botanist. Stillingfleet was a regular and popular member of the Bluestocking circle, and one of the suggested origins of the term “Bluestocking” relates to a time when Stillingfleet was said to have arrived at one of Elizabeth Vesey’s soirées attired in his workaday blue worsted stockings, rather than the white silk hose suitable for evening wear. He died unmarried.

Also known as:

  • Benjamin Stillingfleet


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