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Penelope Dunbar

(b. 1726, Cottlestown – d. Feb. 16, 1829, Wherwell, Hampshire )

Gender: F

Penelope Morgan, daughter of Mark Anthony Morgan of Cottlestown, Co. Sligo, Ireland, was a close friend of Elizabeth Carter. In December 1751 she married Charles Dunbar and lived with him in Ireland, where she knew Elizabeth Vesey. Her husband died in 1778, leaving her his whole estate. After his death, in 1782 she became the third wife of Joshua Iremonger of Wherwell Priory in Hampshire.

Also known as:

  • Penelope Dunbar (née  Morgan)
  • Mrs Dunbar
  • Mrs Iremonger
  • Penelope Iremonger
  • Penelope Dunbar nee Morgan

Mentioned in 18 letters

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