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Gilbert Elliot

(b. 1722, Minto, Roxburghshire, Scotland – d. Feb. 11, 1777, Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhone, France )

Gender: M

Gilbert Elliot (1722-1777) was a Scottish statesman, philosopher and poet. He was MP for Selkirk from 1753-1765 and for Roxburghshire from 1767-1777, and was Lord of the Admiralty in 1756-1757. He published a number of works, including Amynta , a pastoral poem, ‘Twas at the hour of dark midnight, and Thoughts occasioned by the funeral of the Earl and Countess of Sutherland in Holyrood House, which appeared anonymously in the Scots Magazine in October 1766.

Also known as:

  • Gilbert Elliot
  • 3rd Baronet of Minto


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