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Frances Pulteney

(b. 1728, Harefield, Hillingdon, London – d. 1782, Bath House, Mayfair, London )

Gender: F

Frances Pulteney, née Pulteney, was born in 1728 to Daniel Pulteney (1682-1731), MP for Tregorny, Cornwall, and Margaret Pulteney, née Tichbourne (1699-1763) at the Pulteney home in Hillingdon, London. She married (1760) William Pulteney, née Johnstone, fifth baronet (1729-1805). Frances' father Daniel was first cousin to William Pulteney, earl of Bath (1684-1764), and Frances' correspondence with Elizabeth Montagu consists of seven extant letters from her, written in 1764, in response to letters of consolation and business relating to Bath's will, which included a bequest of jewellery to Elizabeth Montagu. Bath's estate was initially inherited by his brother Harry Pulteney (1686-1787), but when he died in 1767, the estate transferred to Frances and William Johnstone, whose name changed to Pulteney, and the couple moved into Bath House in Mayfair, where Frances died in 1782.

Also known as:

  • Frances Pulteney

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Letter from Elizabeth Montagu to Frances Pulteney Sept. 19, 1764 1590

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