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Anthony Isaacson sr

(b. 1682, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England – d. 1732, Saint-Omer, France )

Gender: M

Anthony Isaacson (1713-1765) was the son of Anthony Isaacson (1670-1746), Edward Montagu’s cousin, and Margaret Creagh (1682-1732). His grandfather Anthony Isaacson (1626-1693) had been customs controller of the port of Newcastle. He married Hannah Arthur, and they had six children. Elizabeth Montagu secured their son, Montagu Isaacson (1742-1772), the position of midshipman with Admiral Edward Boscawen in 1762. He was one of the co-heirs of John Rogers, together with Edward Montagu and William Archdeacon.

Also known as:

  • Anthony Isaacson

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