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Joseph Emin

(b. 1726, Hamadan, Hamadan Province, Iran – d. Aug. 2, 1809, Kolkata, West Bengal, India )

Gender: M

Joseph Emin (1726-1809) was a prominent figure of the Armenian national liberation movement who travelled around Europe and Russia to secure support for the liberation of Armenia from the Ottoman Empire. He was in London from 1751 to 1759, when he left to join the Prussian army commanded by Prince Ferdinand in the war against the French. Whilst in London, he became a friend of Edmund Burke, who introduced him to intellectual and aristocratic circles. His memoirs, Life and Adventures of Joseph Emin, were published in London in 1792, and a second edition by his great-granddaughter, including all the surviving letters written by Emin in English, was published in Calcutta in 1918.

Also known as:

  • Joseph Emin


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Letter from Elizabeth Montagu to Joseph Emin 0/3/1765 1660

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