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William Weller Pepys

(b. Jan. 11, 1740, Lombard Street, City of London, London – d. June 2, 1825, Gloucester Place, Marylebone, London )

Gender: M

William Weller Pepys (1758-1845), 2nd Baron Pepys, was a lawyer who became Master in Chancery. He was a a member of Elizabeth Montagu’s circle, and corresponded with Hannah More for over forty years. He was a friend of Lord Lyttelton, and defended him against the criticisms made by Samuel Johnson in his Lives of the Poets. He was a close friend of Sir James Macdonald, the “Scottish Marcellus”. Pepys’ correspondence with Elizabeth Montagu, Hester Chapone and others was published in 1904 (ed. Alice Gaussen, London, John Lane).

Also known as:

  • William Weller Pepys


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