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Correspondence and Embodiment: The Bluestocking Corpus Online’ conference

The Conference on the theme ‘Correspondence and Embodiment: The Bluestocking Corpus Online’ was held at the Huntington Library on Friday 8th December - Saturday 10th December 2023. Many thanks to all speakers and organisers.




Friday, December 8, 2023

A History of the Montagu Collection at The Huntington

Vanessa Wilkie (The Huntington) and Karla Nielsen (The Huntington)

EMCO (Elizabeth Montagu Correspondence Online): The Physical Archive and its Virtual Other

Joanna Barker (Durham and EMCO Senior Editor/Project Manager)

Alexander Roberts (Swansea University), Daniel Archambault (Newcastle University), and Nicole Pohl (Oxford Brookes)

Gender and Knowledge

Moderator: Emily Anderson (University of Southern California)

Rachael Scarborough King (UC Santa Barbara) “Improving Letters: Self- and Literary Improvement in Women's Epistolary Genres”

Nataliia Voloshkova (Kazimierz Wielki University, Bydgoszcz) [Paper read by Nicole Pohl] “Bluestockings and Science: Acquiring, Sharing, and Employing Knowledge”

Absence and Presence

Moderator: Susan Carlile (Cal State Long Beach)

Elizabeth Eger (King’s College London) “Embodying Mind: Portraits of Elizabeth Montagu”

Felicity Nussbaum (UCLA) “The Beloved Absent: The Correspondence Between Elizabeth Montagu and Hester Thrale Piozzi”

Embodying Language: The Letter and Creative and Critical Modes of Writing

Moderator:        Nicole Pohl (Oxford Brookes)

Betty A. Schellenberg (Simon Fraser University)  “Unclothed Bodies: The Problem of Enclosures in the Montagu Collection”

Mike Cousins (Historian) “Keeping Track of Mrs. Montagu: Challenges in Dating her Correspondence with Lord Lyttelton, and a Comparison with Unpublished Letter Collections of Some Other Contemporary Women Writers”

Bodies in Letters, Letters as Bodies

Moderator:        Dena Goodman (University of Michigan)

Lisa Forman Cody (Claremont McKenna College) “Pregnant Pauses”: Reproduction in—and as—Letter Writing" 

Karen Harvey (University of Birmingham) “ʽWe must chat about invalids’: The Lived Body in British Women’s Letters, 1730-1800”

In Sickness and in Health: Bluestocking Friendship

Moderator:        Karla Nielsen (The Huntington)

Anna Senkiw (Oxford Brookes) [Read by Joanna Barker] “ʽSeveral weeks indisposition, a little dastardly fever lurking about me, has hinderd my coming to the Adelphi’: Friendship with the Garricks, in Sickness and in Health”

Helen Deutsch (UCLA) “Symptomatic Correspondences, Female Complaints: Authorship, Friendship and Illness in the Montagu Letters

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