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Phases of development

  • Our objective is to make available on our site all the letters written by Elizabeth Montagu. We do not currently plan to include the letters from her correspondents but the Huntington Library Archive intends to make digitised versions of these manuscripts available in May 2021, and we shall publicise the link when it is available.
  • Facsimiles of all of the letters written by Elizabeth Montagu that are held by the Huntington Library can now be accessed through our site via the Names, Correspondents or Calendar tabs. At present these images are available only in low-resolution, but we plan to improve this to high-resolution in due course, and to add an on-page image viewer that will enable them to be zoomed to larger size (at present this can be done only through your browser).
  • During the course of 2021-2022, we plan to transcribe all of these manuscripts and make the transcriptions available on our site.
  • In parallel to this, our Section Editors are working on batches of the letters, to add detailed annotations and biographical and other links, together with a critical introduction to each correspondent. To date we have completed editing the letters to Hester Thrale Piozzi and James Beattie, and during the course of 2021 we plan to make available the letters to Mary Richardson Robinson, Frances Boscawen, Mary Anstey, Messenger Monsey and Lord Kames, as well as initial selections of letters to the Duchess of Portland and George Lyttelton.
  • We have provided a list of names of all the people mentioned in the letters, and will continue to add biographical information as the work progresses.
  • We plan to add a Search function that will enable the letters to be searched for personal names, locations or key words.

We hope our readers will recognise that the site will for some considerable time represent work-in-progress, and would welcome any suggestions for corrections and improvements, by email to

Please follow our Twitter feed @Montagu_Letters for regular updates.

Please note that all dates and location information are provisional, initially taken from the library and archive catalogues. As our section editors continue to work through the material we will update our database and the changes will be reflected across the edition.