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John Burrows

(b. 1733, London, England – d. 1786, London, England )

Gender: M

John Burrows (1733-1786) was Rector of St Clement’s Danes, London, and Hadley in Middlesex. His sisters Mary, Amy and Elizabeth were friends of Hester Mulso before her marriage to John Chapone; Hester introduced them to Elizabeth Carter, and she in turn introduced them to Elizabeth Montagu, who engaged Burrows in 1775 as tutor to her nephew Matthew Robinson Montagu. He was also tutor to Richard Dawson, son of Lord Dartrey (later Viscount Cremorne), who was Elizabeth Vesey’s cousin. Elizabeth Montagu was godmother to Burrows’ son, who was named Montagu in her honour. See Sophie Coulombeau, ‘”Fill up his blanks”: Making Matthew Montagu’, Huntington Library Quarterly 81:4 (Winter 2018), 537-572

Also known as:

  • John Burrows

Mentioned in 2 letters

Recipient of 1 letters

Title Sent Received EMCO ID
Letter from Elizabeth Montagu to John Burrows Sept. 8, 1776 3022

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